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Our salon's name means "with all the warmth of my love " in Hawaii.
In an ambience filled with Hawaiian warmth , we provide services not limited  to calgel and lash extensions , we also pride ourselves in providing total beauty services to our customers as well.

ME KE ALOHA pumehana Tokyo

The phrase "ME KE ALOHA pumehana" refers to "with all the warmth of my love" in Hawaiian.

With the concept of Hawaiian taste and our refined stylists at service , we can ensure our customers receive the best treatments.


 2-7-6 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo,Japan.                    WATATO BLD ASAKUSA 2F

Business hours: 10:00 - 20:00 (closed on every Tuesdays)


ME KE ALOHA pumehana Shanghai

Taking pride as one of the very few Japanese hair salon in Shanghai , we ensure that our services such as soft water head spa, therapy treatments, salon medicines and equipment we utilize are of the same standards to our branch in Japan .In the pleasant private space of xijiao Tower surrounded  by lush , green environment , we are confident to deliver the finest Japanese salon experience with the best and the latest beauty technology to everyone in Shanghai.

Me Ke Aloha Shanghai, Beauty Salon and Consultation Co. Ltd.

Office Address: Shanghai Hongkou District, Dongjiangwan Road No.188, Building 5, 426

Salon Address: Shanghai Changning District, Hongxu Road No.1151, XIJIAO TOWER B102


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