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Employment Placement


Employment Placement Agency is a service that introduces the desired jobs of job seekers. In Watato, we actively dispatch talented and enthusiastic young individuals from Asia who wish to work in Japan. By adopting a commission-based system where referral fee will be incurred only upon successful recruitment, costs such as recruitment advertising expenses can be kept to the minimum. We always go the extra mile in counselling individuals to further grasp their aptitude and ability which cannot be discerned easily from just interviews alone in order to reduce the probability of incompatibility to our best extent.

Benefits of employing specified skilled workers

Energizing the workplace

Cultural exchanges would naturally occur in a workplace that includes foreign workers. The working style of these talented and enthusiastic young people from Asia will bring stimulation to the workplace, energizing the atmosphere. Furthermore, the supervising Japanese employees who are providing guidance and technical training can develop leadership skills.


International contributions

Companies providing opportunities for specified skilled foreign workers to work in Japan are reputed highly as a company that values international exchanges and supporting the international community.


Benefits of providing internship programs

For the company

  • Allowing excellent students to receive work experience, leading to a broader employment opportunities in the future      

  • Fosters a corporate culture that accepts foreign workers

  • Plays a part in skilling up employees in ways such as language support and management skills


For the internship students

  • The students can make an income while experiencing life and culture in Japan

  • Where they receive internship can possibly be their future workplace

  • An advantage for the students to experience work life earlier on before they graduate, preparing themselves for the future.

Summary of Employment Placement Permit

License number: 13-U-3110041

Validity period of permit: 1 August, 2019 to 31 July, 2023

Registration Support Organization

Registration support organization mainly creates a support plan on behalf of the company that employs foreign workers (organization classified under the specified skill category) to ensure a stable and smooth work activities pertaining to specific skill No.1 category.


In the case if the employing company has difficulties in working out/ implementing the support plan, the Registration Support Organization can handle the support plan on their behalf to ensure an implementation that falls in the criteria of an upstanding practice.


Registration number: 19-002719

Validity period of registration: 18 October, 2019 to 17 October, 2024

Summary of Registration Support registration

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