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Watato Hawaii

surrounded by the sea , Hawaii is brimming with beautiful nature, soothing our hearts every day.

Constantly receiving tourists all year round, people from many different parts of the world are captivated by the charms of Hawaii . And as of late, the number of people who seek to experience a longer stay in Hawaii by purchasing condominium units are increasing. For those who are not  comfortable with English ,they can be at ease as the tourists spots such as the area around Waikiki have an increasing number of shops that can speak Japanese.

Would you like to come and live in the nature rich and wonderful Hawaii with us?

Come and feel your own heavenly Hawaii experiences ,ALOHA.

Waikiki Banyan

Waikiki banyan's spacious suites feature private balconies, fully furnished kitchens and entertainments such as cable TV and a PlayStation3. Just a block away from Waikiki beach with a 5-minute walk, this high-rise hotel also features a large elevated recreation deck that offers a variety of activities for you to enjoy!

2121 Ala Wai

2121Ala Wai is located along Waikiki's main street , facing the Ala Wai canal. A pleasant location with cool mountain breezes throughout the day ,endowed with a mountain view to behold.

Furthermore , the view at night boasts a different yet beautiful sight to see too.


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